The very reason, I came back to independent consultancy is exactly this: the freedom to give you honest, true advise, directly with you as a client - on your needs, what you inspires you, where you need expertise -

and be light, swift, between teams, organisations, firms, governments, developers, in the realisation of stellar fit for purpose open-building framework - ready for you to make come alive.

Also, so essential to me, work at a human level. A human tempo of delight in creation, and collaborating with inspiring teachers/trainers/experts.
This is the more organic atmosphere that our Studio fosters for you as well - within the time you have.

My advisory to you as a client - a senior expert, a teacher a trainer - is in the form of listening, and thinking alongside you, giving exposure to what's possible, interacting on what you're trying to do, what's already there.

Together we can see what your main challenges are - time? technological matters which again cost time? logics of technology? pedagogics for a digital environment? choosing which tools you need?

Our studio then picks up on that under my lead, and we create a tailored package for you.

The studio's site is underway - forthcoming in spring 2021 - at studioblended, I don't want to jump to conclusions but fully engage in the ongoing and exciting lockdown period globally, to know what exactly I would pre-select for you as a client, make the right instructions (podcasts per tool) etc.

Our core principle really is to keep you free, light, human, inspired, calm, environmentally caring and trusting - amidst all the hustle and buzz.

The Creative Valley from the inside. A matter of breathing it all in as an artist;
working and collaborating here is in a high quality environment, which makes sense.

Not just time, but even the quality of the attention of experts with high fees, is the most expensive here -
what can the environment do for you, to enable you, at a human level, to perform optimally, even excell?

The human body, after all, is sensitive - and so is the brain.

I come back often - to work here.

Frankly, pitching out corrupts within. In other words: upfront meetings with lots of input will not actually lead to the outcomes you aim for.

Our Studio 's strength is to listen to you first, and dialogue with you in order to get to the essence of the learning outcomes you envision for your (technical) subject.

Our Studio lead (independent consultant, senior) will ask you good questions, to get you further in your thinking towards simplicity, declutter superfluous input.
Next our Studio comes in, to create a draft blended learning environment for you to experience, and see what you feel about it.

If you appreciate it, our studio lead can give state of the art consultancy in how to teach blended with the use of technology, and a fresh understanding of the optimization of live / physical time (even make budget options for you).

We don 't believe in a ready made universal template (but neither do we develop from scratch), because we only work tailored, since every teacher/trainer is so unique.

Honestly, the perfect platform does not exist, that is why we work with existing open-source ones. After all, the challenge is not technology the challenge is the actual pedagogics.

Differentiation is the only way to offer you a blended platform that makes complete sense to you – including offering you the best bill you ever received because the investment is exactly for what you need.

We can work in your existing/given platform, or collaborate in open-source platforms. Our menu of tools is always open-source, by principle, tailored for you (pre-selection), and offers little podcasts to optimize their use. All for the one purpose: your learners are able to use the understandings, knowledge, skills/capabilities you gave them, in the real world.

Honeslty, a pedagogics for a digital age is still forthcoming (PhD level question - see for architecture Urban pedagogics for the Digital Age TU/Delft) - you will not find any straightforward answers coming from that anywhere soon.

My decision not to do a PhD is a conscious one.
I am senior in my background training and qualification in pedagogics, with a lot of exposure and hands-on experience in curriculum design, and I am well-versed with live teaching and training, anywhere from secondary schools, to academia, professionals and technical advisors.
Rather than going for a PhD, I love to work hands-on, with an interdisciplinary swift core team of experts whose work I deeply respect, and with whom I effectively collaborate on actual creations for a client.
I much more enjoy these shorter project cycles, and have plenty of experience as a project lead in the real world, to offer a client budget options, sound contracts etc.

Paradigm shifts (e.g. digital pedagogics) typically take bewteen 20-30 years (see my presentation at the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission EC JRC link),
and I simply would love to try and already be relevant to this so interesting shift to blended learning in a post-lockdown world.

Other than that, I am an artist myself. I love to learn, and engage in all kind of hands-on skills that make me ever more equipped to converse, dialogue and interact effectively across disciplines.
Creating something with a webdeveloper is a whole other world than with a graphic designer. I love craftmanship, I always go for the best that are also wonderful to work with.
But it does mean you need to be able to speak their language.
Plus for the client: the better I can bridge silo's and way of communicating technically and artistically, the shorter the time investment of me as a lead.

Therefore, I dare to say as a Studio we can confidently claim that we're offering you state of the art consultancy (independent senior level), and actual creations with our swift and flexible core team and pool of developers and artists.

And for all the rest, we actively engage and stimulate interactions within a variety of disciplines. Follow our lead on LinkedIn for that.


For a tailored/formal Curriculum Vitae feel free to contact me

I identify as a European Citizen.
If you are interested in collaborating and co-authoring another article for the EU / EC / EP - do reach out. There is a huge inequality gap since the lockdown crisis in access to remote learning that triggers me.